Caroline has practiced physio in Johannesburg, London and is now a physiotherapist in Durban. She has received positive feedback from her patients as well as her colleagues. Find out more about what people had to say about her below:

Tanya Bell-Jenje · Former employer

Caro worked at Bell Rogers & Harris in Joburg for just over 2 happy years. In that time Caro showed to be intuitive, caring , a skilled manual therapist, excellent diagnostician & keen patient-centred exercise prescriber. Our loss is definitely Durbans gain & I have no doubt Caro’s practice will be known as a Centre for Excellence and one of the best physios in Durban. Tanya Bell-Jenje.

(Internationally recognized physio expert and lecturer)
Kerron · Back · Neck · Knee

Caroline is a whole person-focused physiotherapist. Not only do her experience and treatment plans set her apart but her initial and continuous assessment of my specific problems with recommendations for exercises and stretches, made a significant difference to how I saw my condition and my ability to improve it. She also managed to make every minute count in a session. I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who wants to understand their condition and be better. Kerron

Sharon · Shoulder · Foot surgery

This is to confirm that I have been a patient of Caroline Hawkins for a number of years and found her to be very professional, excellent in her diagnosis and improving my problems greatly. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who needs excellent help and treatment in all aspects of injury or problematic areas of the body. She always went the extra mile for me and my results were amazing.

Shirley · Fractured back

Having fractured my back some years ago I was looking for a physiotherapist who could handle my complex and very long back and was overjoyed to have a good friend recommend Caroline Hawkins to me.

She got hold of my MRI Scans, saw what the problems were and over the years using her excellent techniques, managed to help me to such an extent that today I am able to be an avid mountain bike cyclists – something I would never have managed without Caroline’s expertise, experience and patience!!

Besides manipulating my back, she also gave me Pilates lessons to strengthen my very weak core……although it took some persuasion on her part, it is something I still do twice a week to this day. I was desperately sorry to lose her to KZN. I would highly recommend Caroline’s very talented services  

Barbara · Hip replacement · Headaches

When I first went to Caroline, I had an issue with my neck, causing me to have constant headaches. After a few treatments I never looked back.

Subsequently, I had a hip problem which Caroline treated until she couldn’t help me anymore necessitating a hip replacement. She then helped with my successful rehab. I am walking without any discomfort or pain.

Caroline is very professional but also compassionate. She is very thorough in her assessment and treatment. I cannot recommend her enough.

Vicky · Fractured back

I just would like to put in writing how very grateful I am to you for all that you have done for me during my time of injury.

I came to you after fracturing my L1 vertebrae and I was both in pain and emotionally distraught.

Being a dancer, I was terrified that my career was over and that I would no longer be able to move freely and stand and teach for hour on end.

I found you by chance and you were the gem in the practice that you worked at. You worked gently and my pain subsided dramatically in those first few months.

You not only did a wonderful job in healing me and guiding me as to how to protect myself moving forward but you were a great comfort to me when I was so fearful that I would fracture my back again.

I have recovered 100% and with great delight, have returned to my career in ballet without any pain and fear.

You are so very good at what you do and I am so grateful for those healing hands.

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